Citizen of the Year Nomination

Deadline is approaching quickly. Anyone still wishing to nominate a resident for citizen of the year please do so as soon as possible!

The Village is accepting Citizen of the year nominations. This award is given to an individual who enhances the lives of the residents within the Village of Tiskilwa. 

Criteria includes, but is not limited to:
● Outstanding volunteer commitment that benefits an individual, group or the entire community of Tiskilwa
● Unique achievement that benefits our community or society in general
● Model citizen who reflects the positive values of the Village
● Exceptional personal qualities, including, but not limited to: Leadership Initiative Dependability Integrity Cooperation and Spirit.

The form can be found on the Village website in the “Citizens of the Year” Tab. The form can also be picked up from the Village office during office business hours.

Forms are due by July 9th at 3pm, they can be delivered to the village office or dropped into the billing slot.

The list of previous winners can also be found in the above tab as well.