Village Water System

The Village typically sees a rise in water usage during the summer months, this year it has been an exceptionally high usage year. The Village has seen an average usage amount of 100k gallons a day. With our storage tanks capacity being 50k our well number 2 pump has had to stay running around the clock to maintain the usage limit. The pump’s performance is now under 50% pumping capacity which puts a strain on the entire system as well as putting our entire system at risk for failure. 

We have Albrecht Well Drilling planned to come onsight on Tuesday July 25th to replace well #2 pump and piping. During this time we will be switching solely to well #1 to maintain the system. We do not foresee there being any issues or interruptions in any residents’ water service during this time. If an issue does arise from anything in the system while the work is being performed then residents will be notified right away, through the emergency system, and the entire Village will be placed under a boil order for a minimum of 3 days or until our water meets acceptable standards and passes all required testing. If you have not signed up for the emergency notifications through the Village website it is highly recommended. 

We are asking all residents to try to limit the discretionary water usage at their homes starting the morning of Tuesday July 25th until the morning of Wednesday July 26th to help alleviate any additional stress that will be placed onto our well #1 pump and system. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you experience any issues or notice anything unusual in your water system please contact the Village right away so that it can be looked into and addressed.