Water Detention Tank Update

A quick update on the Water treatment system and the detention tank. 

The plastic tube media will be installed in the aerator today (6/6). The paint inside the tank has been allotted enough time to cure sufficiently. The side hatch will be closed and sealed and the tank disinfected. Next week, two rounds of water testing will be done to ensure water quality meets all standards and the unit will be put back on line by the end of next week.

However, the aerator blower parts are still two weeks out. It has been decided to put the tank online and to be operated without the blower installed until the parts arrive.  There will be some oxidation that occurs as the water falls through the unit but the iron content will still be higher than normal until the blower is installed.

Some things to keep in mind. 

Residents may still experience discolored water until the blower and detention tank are fully operational and working 100%. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

The water quality and testing has always met and passed testing before the tank was taken offline and continues to pass testing while the tank has been offline. The water has been monitored by the Village employees and chemicals adjusted in order to ensure all water standards are being met during this outage. The Village also hires an outside company for all water testing and qualities to ensure the standards all of the Village water meets acceptable standards.