Online Bill Payment

Online bill payments are now live. 

You can access the online payment section by clicking on the “Online Payments” link in the Village website or through the app on your phone.

After clicking on the link you will be redirected to the payments section webpage on our Hey Gov app.

From there you will fill out the information needed using the bill that is sent to you through the mail. Make sure to note that your account number should be entered and that can be found towards the bottom of your bill in BOLD. 

When you enter your bill amount you will notice that there is a “Payment fee.” This is often stated as a convenience fee on other apps or websites. This fee is from the Stripe company, who is the company that makes and allows us the opportunity to pay online, They charge 2.7% plus 30 cents for each transaction. The Village of Tiskilwa does not receive any amount of this fee whatsoever, this is solely the fee from the Stripe company, The Village of Tiskilwa does not charge any additional fee for online payments at this time.

Once the credit card information is filled out and the “Pay Now” button is clicked you will receieve an email with your payment receipt. Please keep this receipt for your records as it records the day and amount in which you paid if any issues should arise, if you do not receive a email with the payment receipt please contact the Village.

This payment is also available through the “Hey Gov” app on your phone that can be downloaded for free and allow you to select the Village of Tiskilwa as your hometown.

With spring time coming up please be sure to pay any late fees that one may have. The Village will begin shutting water off to residents houses whos water bills are behind. Those residents have been sent notices already. Please note that once your water is shut off it will not be turned back on until your bill is paid 100% fully up to date. If you have any issues,questions, or concerns please contact the Village office.