Village Update

We are happy to announce that we have hired Jeff Dilcher to the full-time Village Laborer position. Jeff has been working as a part-time employee the past couple of months for the Village and we believe he will transition to the full time roll without any issues. He has shown a great work ethic and is someone who can be trusted to get a job done efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Rick Funderberg has been promoted to the Village Supervisor roll. Rick has been working for the Village for the past 23 years. His dedication and knowledge of the job and Village are unmatched. We are and have been blessed to have him for so many years and hope to have him for many to come. He will oversee the Village laborer workers daily duties, trainings, planning of projects, while also handling all issues that will arise. Rick will be the point of contact for any issues in town during the work hours of the day.

We believe that this decision will help to spread out the workload among 3 workers, as well as adding flexibility in daily duties. Having a supervisor that is onsite and in town during all work hours of the day will be a benefit for everyone in town. In addition, having 3 workers will also lessen the burden of work duties when an employee has paid time off or any other issue that may arise. Proactiveness will be a large importance moving forward. There is a lot that needs to be addressed around town and this move will allow us to start to tackle them and continue to move the Village forward.